We Do Taxes

As financial professionals officially registered with the U.S. government at Finra.org we are well versed in the concepts of investments, retirement, savings, and long-term tax planning. We are able and willing to share this knowledge with you through our established financial coaching program.

We are fully knowledgeable with IRS tax regulations and will competently handle issues involving estate and tax planning. We utilize methods which are not well understood by many tax advisors including the new 2018 tax laws, Roth conversions over a period of decades to reduce your eventual RMD, and bunching tax deductions to maximize their value.

For a rate of one hundred U.S. dollars per 90-minute phone session, we can talk you through any questions you have regarding the above topics and enable you to navigate the financial world with confidence. There is no charge for your initial call to our office.

Contact Steve by email or by telephone at (201) 246-0003.